7 Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your Employees

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your Employees

Small companies may not be able to afford the lavish holiday parties that their larger counterparts often throw; however, they both share a common denominator when it comes to finding meaningful ways to celebrate with employees. In our opinion, the most successful events take a similar approach: the creation of an environment for team building and bonding outside of the office. Here are 7 Creative ways to celebrate the holidays with your employees, so let your imagination run wild:

Plan a company-wide activity:  No matter the weather, an afternoon of bowling, pizza, libations, wacky prizes and an old fashioned tournament with teams fielded from the entire corporate ladder is an easy winner. Work in a state with great weather? Try an outdoor activity. Either way, all involved get a chance to relax, play and bond in a neutral setting outside the office.

Volunteer together. This will take some leg work to get organized in advance, but we think pulling a department or a company together to perform “community service” is an invaluable experience. If you can identify a group, institution, school or community project that has relevance—either geographical, professional or philosophical, all the better. Then set aside the time for employees to participate if not all at once, in groups. Wrap things up with company-wide event at the conclusion of the program. One of our favorite ideas is a “Charity Bike Build.” Still wracking your brain?  Check out GiveGab for community events.

Show off your ugliest holiday sweater. This theme didn’t originate with us but seems to find its way on to several respectable holiday party lists. Throw in a great buffet, a contest, gag prizes and perhaps a little Karaoke and off you go! We don’t understand it, but for some strange reason this event works.

Celebrate multiculturalism. Decorate your space to reflect the cultural diversity of the office. Craft a lunch or dinner menu that highlights the best food traditions of the season. If your group is large enough, how about using food trucks? Let’s face it, food is social and a great way to foster conversation and a sense of inclusion. The collective experience is guaranteed to resonate long after the event is over.

Teach them something they don’t know. Use the power of play to foster team building and comradery. Try “Survey Says”: a take-off on Family Feud. Or “Board Breaking”: an activity that teaches your group how to break a board with a single hand-chop. Last but not least, there’s: “Juggling”: a physical activity that’s not only insanely fun but a great equalizer.

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