7 Tips for Giving the BEST Corporate Holiday Gifts, EVER

7 Tips for Giving the BEST Corporate Holiday Gifts, EVER

We have been playing Santa Claus for a host of international corporations for over 30 years. In that time, the gifts we have devised or orchestrated for our clients have been about as diverse as anyone could imagine. Given our respected track record in the “corporate gift giving” industry, we thought we’d share our 7 simple suggestions to make sure your corporate holiday gift giving hits its mark:

1. Keep it simple

Try not to get carried away, too clever or too elaborate. Presentation and thoughtful selection will always win the day.

2. Know your audience

How well do you know your recipients? Is there a hierarchy that needs to be acknowledged and respected? If so, then tier your gifts or give one thing that recognizes an entire office or department

3. Make it useful

Tchotchkes are just that—cheap, meaningless throwaways. Why bother? Not to mention you run the risk of offending someone with your bad taste and thoughtlessness. Something handy and cleverly packaged for under $10 will be more appreciated and effective.

4. Personalize it

…But don’t make it personal. We prefer items that are unisex. One possibility are personalized note pad sets. They are thoughtful, cost effective, long lasting and can be packaged beautifully.

5. On Using Gift Cards

Our feeling is that unless you are using gift cards as a gratuity, they should be avoided. Overall they’re mindless gifts that show little or no effort. That said, if you’re going to give them out, use your imagination and put them in or with something—a wallet, a money clip, a change purse, a restaurant guide or a tip card.

6. On Using Logos

Are you thanking someone for their support and/or service? Or are you overtly promoting your company? Hopefully the former and not the latter. We believe that holiday gifts are the one time during the year that logos should remain on the sidelines. If you want to brand your gift, then package it using company colors, paper, ribbon, tissue paper and branded enclosures.

7. Show them how much you care

Everything about your gift should tell the recipient you care—starting with the gift selection through the finishing touches. Decoration and presentation should be flawless, and enclosure notes should be personal and heartfelt when possible.

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