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Gift Rap Remix: Discover, Demo, Discuss


The "Gift Rap" Blog: Remixed

Your go-to for cutting edge promotional products and … Ben Affleck?

I’m Carolina Mohrlock, the newest addition to the Trims team. I’ll be contributing fresh content to our blog (“Gift Rap”) each week. Here are few things you can expect to see from us:


My Google Reader is fat with news about the latest products and trends. I’ll walk hand-in-hand with the tech bloggers, vendors and B2B mags so you don’t have to, peeling back a layer of heavy text and offering you a glimpse into what’s new. I’ll do the scrolling, you do the discovering.

Product test drives

We get a sample of a promotional product and then we put it to use. We’ll tell you how it works for us. Like the way we rock the backpack? Need to have the motion-activated light up bracelet? (We don’t blame you. They are pretty awesome.) Maybe you’ll spot a product that’s the right fit for your conference or event. I, your faithful test subject, will be here to make it happen.

Case studies

Need 60,000 cups, 70,000 napkins and 50,000 cocktail stirrers? We’re small but we do big things. We’ll tell you how.

Did we mention Ben Affleck?

What does Ben Affleck have to do with eco-friendly chocolate? I won’t leave you in suspense for long. We provide gift solutions that spark conversation. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to chew the rest of the chocolate that’s in your mouth before you get to talking “Argo.”

Trims news

What have we been up to? Well, working hard and making things happen for our clients. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in our office. We’ll feature milestones and offer spotlights on exciting clients and partners. We’ll leave out the updates on the contents of our candy bowl (For what it’s worth: Tootsie Pops and lots of chocolate).

So, who’s the new girl? I’m a San Diego native who just dropped down in Los Angeles. I haven’t wandered too far from my favorite burrito place in San Diego (Trujillo’s on College Ave. They have a California burrito that’s wrapped in a quesadilla — seriously. Any burrito connoisseur has to bow and pay their respects). I graduated from San Diego State University last year with a degree in Journalism, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to be a part of the bright and passionate team here at Trims.

I can’t wait to dig in and find the meaty, exciting 411 you crave – as well as explore B2B topics that we think you’ll find interesting.

I look forward to exploring with you!


New Promotional Product from Trims: Leave Boring Beverages Behind


Aqua Zinger

Promotional Product of the day: DIY Flavored Water To Go

Sometimes all we need to quench our thirst is good old-fashioned H20. But more often than not, we crave something with a little more pizzazz. Aqua Zinger lets us infuse water with a cornucopia of fresh flavors even while on the go.

Sure, soda offers an easy option with an instant kick, but we all know how good that is. Now, there’s a healthy, tasty alternative that gives our taste buds the opportunity to run wild.

Gizmag  says Aqua Zinger ”takes a DIY approach to spicing up liquid intake by means of an attachable food blender.” Mashable likes that it kicks “H2O’s flavor up a notch,” and  Gizmodo comments on the new and unexpected flavor options and combinations: fresh fruit essences, spices, even candy corn.”

For more information, contact us.

Award and Recognition Gifts For the Gold Medalists on Your Team


The world is cheering its top performers competing in London. Your most valuable employees and clients flip through the air, score big goals, and race to the finish line daily; we want to help you celebrate them. Below, we highlight a few amazing gifts from the worlds’ top brands.


Stow and Go – Project 2 Messenger Bag


 A bag that holds up everywhere we need to go.

We all lug a multitude of items with us every day. Some use a variety of bags; others prefer to stuff their pockets: either way most would welcome a better solution.

Whether we are toting a laptop and files or stashing gear for outdoor adventures, the Project 2 Messenger Bag is the bag for the job. calls it “durable, rugged and perhaps even more importantly, comfortable, even when loaded with gear.”

In the Project 2 Messenger Bag, has found “a bag that can keep up with you and your lifestyle.” Designed for bikers, the bag is waterproof with magnetic closures and can withstand the elements of both the city and the mountains. The Project 2 Messenger is for all of us on the go whether we commute by bicycle or simply need a stylish, sturdy carryall. Give comfort and convenience.

For more information, contact us at

Photos in a Flash


iPhone printer - the gift of convenienceIt’s summer – time for vacations, daytrips, and lots and lots of photos. With the ease, convenience and quality of tablet and mobile phone photography, we have the luxury of documenting every moment. Sharing via email and transferring files at the end of the day are a piece of cake. But what about getting actual prints? It’s still headache!

Enter Photos in a Flash: for about $100, the Compact Photo Cube Printer eliminates the hassle. Just find a photo, connect an iPhone, and choose “Print” for beautiful 4×6 photos. said “setup couldn’t be easier,” and calls the corresponding app “the essence of simplicity.” Give the gift of instant gratification.


For more information, contact us at

The Wake-up Light: Rise and sun-SHINE


Wake-up LightGive the gift of a summer morning, every morning

Six am rolls around every day, like clockwork, whether we like it or not. Wouldn’t it be lovely to awake each day with sun streaming through the window?

Enter the Wake-Up Light, technology’s answer to Mother Nature and the gloom of an early winter’s morning.

The New York Times cheers the Wake-up Light’s “gentler approach” to getting us out of bed. Buzzers and alarms jolt us awake, sure, but we’re left irritated. The Wake-up Light simulates the rising sun, gradually growing brighter until it mimics daylight.

The alarm has an iPod dock to play our music, but is available without if we’re satisfied choosing from a selection of nature sounds and FM radio stations. Digital Trends calls it “a nice addition to any bedroom.”

For more information, contact us at

Get “Juiced,” the JuiceBuddy


JuiceBuddy A compact iPhone charger

How many cords should we need to keep our phones charged?

One on the nightstand, one in the office, one for the commute and an extra to carry at all times, just in case. It shouldn’t be so difficult to prevent a dead battery.

The JuiceBuddy is a keychain charger that ensures we can always plug in. CNET calls it “the world’s smallest iPhone charger” and Gizmodo raves that it “just might replace all of the charging gear you usually have.”

For under $30, it’s an unobtrusive way to bring the charge with us. iPhones plug into the top of the charger, keeping the act of charging neat. The charger comes in white, black, red or aluminum and its swing-out prongs leave it sleek when dangling from our keys.

We’ll never let a low battery hold us back again. See it in action! Available in August.

For more information, contact us at

A Gift For the Road Less Traveled


I’m Katie Klein, a new contributor to the Trims blog aka Gift Rap. My goal, with the help of my collaborators and colleagues at Trims, is to keep readers informed and up-to-date on the latest and greatest, products, trends and thought provoking topics of the day as they relate to B2B field marketers and event planners (B2B Magazine, Meetings and Conventions and Event Marketer). Of course information omnivores are always welcome, too!

Who am I? I’m a Connecticut native who made my way to LA via Philadelphia and Temple University. I love tracking down new trends in technology, food, and clothes. I have a weakness for celebrity gossip, a love/hate relationship with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I occasionally get serious about sports, specifically hockey (and it would have been a great year to jump on the Kings bandwagon, but I’ve pledged my allegiance elsewhere).

What’s on the docket for today? The SoliCharger-SP. The New York Times recently featured products for your most adventurous colleagues. My particular favorite is this solar charger that doubles as a portable speaker.

I spent the weekend in the woods with two said adventurers who are about to embark on a week-long trek.  It acted as a trial run, an opportunity to ensure that they were prepared for a more serious journey. And I think they should pack the SoliCharger-SP.

Though reception wasn’t a problem at our campsite, by early afternoon each and every smartphone around the campfire had died but mine. Though contact with the outside world wasn’t imperative this weekend, it was nice to be able to stay charged and check-in while listening to some tunes..

In short, a great gift for anyone who can’t bear being off the grid!

For more information, contact us at

“Manners in a Minute”

I recently commented on Steve Strauss’ AMEX Open Article Top 10 Etiquette Blunders. As a result I had many OPEN members contact me with questions about a now out of print pamphlet I referenced. Below is an encapsulated version of the best, table etiquette pointers from Manners in a Minute, my mother (a well-respected source in her own right) and life in general:

Tools of the Trade

  • Use utensils from the outside in (in a formal place setting a butter knife–paddle shaped or a short handled knife— will be included).
Formal Place Setting Diagram

Formal Place Setting

Tips That Will Make You a Pro

  • Unless you are the host, do not ask to be seated at the table until the host arrives
  • Before taking your seat, ask if there is a seating plan*
  • Once seated, immediately place your napkin on your lap
  • When ordering be mindful of cost—when in doubt follow your host’s lead
  • Try to choose dishes that are not overly messy or difficult to eat
  • Remember potables (drinks) are on the right and edibles are on the left
  • Never season your food before tasting it**  
  • When taking butter or other condiments for your bread plate, take enough to use for more than one serving. Then rest your butter knife across the top of the bread plate until more is needed (NEVER LICK YOUR SPOON OR KNIFE AND CERTAINLY NEVER USE IT AGAIN IN A COMMUNAL DISH—think of George’s  sin of double dipping on Seinfeld!)

Digging In

  • The time to start eating has several seemingly contradictory rules. You can
    • Wait for everyone to be served unless the host instructs the guests otherwise
    • Wait until two or more diners are served hot dishes (an old Emily Post rule)
    • Wait until the host lifts his/her fork to dine or tells you to start
  • When eating soup, always tip the soup plate away from you and not towards the body and impending disaster. The same holds true for your soup spoon. Fill your spoon by dipping it away from the body (it’s a big no-no to raise a soup plate to your lips to finish the last drop or  wipe it spanking clean with a piece of bread)
  • It’s not necessary to finish every  bit of food on your plate (it is also not a compliment but bad form to wipe your plate clean at any time)
  • When eating food that requires help onto a fork, use a small piece of bread to place the bite onto the utensil (except in rare instances, avoid using your fingers as a utensil). For pasta, if you are given an oval soup spoon, use it to help corral your food onto your fork.

 When you are done eating, place your fork and knife side by side on your plate. This signals to most waiters that you have finished.          

correct placement of utensils when meal is done

When you are done place your fork and knife side by side.

Hosts usually plan a business breakfast, lunch or dinner with specific objectives in mind and seat their guests accordingly.

**A good friend who was the managing partner of an international law firm relayed the following story:

A group of litigation partners took a promising young associate out to lunch—all was going along swimmingly until the hosts noticed that the their guest added salt to each course without tasting his food, first. No one at the table said a word, but all of the partners noticed. When the meal concluded, the partners agreed that something as small as seasoning your food before sampling it was indicative of a more serious trait—that of someone who makes decisions without having the all the facts. Enough said. 

Pamela Hillings, one of the authors of Manners in a Minute, is still teaching business etiquette in Southern California.  Pamela can be reached on LinkedIn.

Susan Roth

Susan Roth/Trims Unlimited