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A Bad Beetle Makes Good | Eco Gifts from Trims


Bad Beetle Cases | Eco Friendly Gifts from Trims Unlimited

Eco Minded Products Made From Repurposed Wood

What do you do with thousands of tons of beetle kill timber? Some burned it, others mulched it but Larry Lipson decided to repurpose it. If harvested before the tree has slipped into decay, the wood oddly enough retains its structural integrity and adopts a blue tinged, shimmery quality that is “pretty spectacular.” The end result: tech accessories that are “sharp, snazzy and insanely ecofriendly.

See more at Available for corporate markets through Trims Unlimited

Image-Infused Aluminum Smartphone Cases | New Personalized Gifts from Trims


Aluminyze Phone Case | Trims Unlimited, Inc

The Sleek yet Rugged Way to Personalize Your Phone

Aluminyze uses a process called sublimation to infuse aluminum with your images, resulting in vibrant and durable prints. Its innovative method allows you to create modern, UV resistant artwork for your home or office. Want to Aluminyze more? Luckily, this company isn’t just a noun; it has evolved into a verb. Aluminyze your office, aluminyze your desk and even aluminyze your smartphone.

Available for iPhones 4/5 and Galaxy S3/Note II, Aluminyze offers waterproof, scratch-resistant cell phone cases for your smartphone. Purchase a white, pink or black bumper and pair it with a personalized back panel. You can easily switch between your various panels to reflect your mood.

Custom panels starting at $16.00. Please call or contact us here for quantity pricing.

Technology Overload: Why Some Techies Are Going Off the Grid


Silicon Valley takes a break from technology | Trims Unlimited, Inc.

What should technology rookies do when Silicon Valley calls for simplicity?

This week a New York Times’ Bits blog post examined how the tech elite are looking for ways to blunt the narcotic effect of technology on their everyday lives. For those looking for respite, first steps can include leaving smartphones plugged into the wall when running quick errands or opting for last decade’s ever-so-bullied flip phone to bypass the temptation altogether—anything to garner some distance from the digital noise.

The story features Robin Sloan, an author who used to teach social media tools to new outlets at Twitter and an online strategist for Current TV. Now he’s pulling away from the core of his work experience—wanting to disconnect from hyperconnectivity.

In a quest for productivity, Sloan abandoned his iPhone for an old Nokia phone. He takes notes on paper and gets lost in his own thoughts rather than in the constant flow of his Twitter stream.

And it’s not just him. Other techies are feeling the need to pull away, too. They stack their phones in the middle of the dinner table to add consequence to the urge—the first to look at their phone foots the bill. They drive until they lose cell service, or they make their bedrooms a No Tech Zone.

Some people praised these strategies; others said it’s more about willpower than setting rules.

Here are a few sentiments:

  • “The best feature of my iPhone is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ switch, which I set to ‘on’ at 8:30 each night. My colleagues often forget we’re not ‘saving lives’.”
  • “I have a Nokia phone and have to constantly fend off derisive questions from colleagues and friends about how boring I am. Use the tool, don’t become one.”
  • “People should learn to use their devices politely and responsibly. All it requires is a little willpower.”
  • “The ‘Tech Elites’ most likely can make the decision to disconnect because they have employees who are required to be connected and available in their stead, 24/7.”

Are you open to disconnecting? Do you think it’s about setting rules, having willpower or is it a privilege that some of us can’t afford? How can we forge a healthy cyber relationship when tech addiction is raging?

We work with many clients in the tech industry and we’ve seen firsthand that it’s not always gadgets that they want– sometimes they opt for more personal, tactile pieces. Whatever it is, we can find it.

For more information about Trims and our promotional services, contact us here.

Essential Gadgets for Your Next Destination Club Event


If the following blurbs stir a paralyzing fear within you, read on.

  • Your 4-year-old wanted to take a picture underwater “like a mermaid, mommy!”, so she took your smartphone into the shallow end and starting snapping.
  • You just dropped your phone into a public toilet. Yeah. That just happened.
  • You want to go paddleboarding, but your phone isn’t on the same page. It goes deep sea diving.

Life Happens- Phones get wet

Trims’ Newest Products Will Help You Avoid a Soggy Disaster

At Trims, we’re often putting together bags for destination club events or conventions, many of which involve awesome waterscapes fit for both relaxation and adventure. We’d found a couple of products that will help quell those fears of waterlogged devices and sandy phone crevices while keeping you plugged in.

Feeling proactive?

DryCASE- Waterproof Smartphone Case for Destination Club Events | New from Trims Unlimited, Inc.

DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case

DryCASE is a flexible, waterproof, vacuum-sealed bag that allows complete use of your smartphone while keeping it dry for up to 100 feet. Whether you’re looking to bring your phone paddleboarding or into a slicing n’ dicing kitchen to follow a recipe, DryCASE keeps your phone clean and dry. See the tablet version here.        






Feeling desperate?

EVAP Rescue Pouch- for Destination Club Events | New from Trims Unlimited, Inc.EVAP Rescue Pouch

That’s where the EVAP Rescue Pouch comes in. Pop your phone in promptly following a dip and EVAP’s unique drying agent will remove moisture from sensitive electronics, giving you the best chance of rescuing your wet device.              








Now, breathe a sigh of relief. Your phone isn’t lounging around in a Turkish bathhouse. It’s snoozing comfortably next to your mouse or seeking shelter in your pocket. But if you’re planning on being pool side…

Don’t wait until you hear your phone engaging in a spill, plunge, splash, dip, dive or all out submarine ride before investing in a fix.

For customization options and quantity pricing, contact us here or give us a call at 877.481.8864.  

Going Green vs. Greenwashing | Sustainable Practices in Events


Going Green vs. Greenwashing | Sustainable Practices in Events, by Trims Unlimited, Inc.

Trims Talks Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

I was trying to place this feeling. Suddenly the phrase “going green” irked me, and I was struggling to understand why. After all, I’m an enthusiastic member of a team that not only supports the green movement, but is seeking to promote positive change in this very area within our industry—searching for virtual gifting options to help our clients reduce their carbon footprints. And I’m totally on board.

But, even though I was excited to let everyone know that we’re working on this solution, spewing off the proverbial “We’re going green!” just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t shake the idea that someone, somewhere might mistake us for just another company jumping on the greenwash bandwagon.

The Hijacking of the Green Movement

“How Greenwashing Works” says the term greenwashing first came about in 1990, but the idea seems to go back to the mid-1960s when an environmental movement prompted corporations to adopt green practices.

As a society, we’ve been inundated with a bunch of companies showing off their seriously bad dye jobs. They’ve gone green–they’ve placed a leaf next to their logo and dropped some eco-friendly tags onto their site. Business Owner Patrick Cuccaro said that going green is “pretty cool, very difficult and quite expensive.” He goes on to say while the cool factor certainly remains, going green isn’t very tough if you have the right team and give it your heart, and with a small investment, it’s totally doable.

So why are so many companies skimping on the work?

The Right Shade of Green

What’s the right way to do green? Unfortunately for greenwashers, this involves some dedication. I believe there must be a clear shift in our thoughts from trend to lifestyle, and we should be consistently looking for ways to level-up. With that, let’s move the conversation to sustainability. For me, the word sustainability better evokes just how essential this movement is. Instead of being shrouded in hype, sustainability alludes to a fundamental nurturing. The very nature of the word helps it to exist as a buzz word that staves off extinction.

Trims thinks virtual

We love that event, meeting and expo planners are having conversations about eco-friendly events, and we’d like to forge partnerships to create a lasting push for sustainability. In keeping with this mission, we’re looking into virtual gifting to do away with trinkets and trash altogether. Find out how we’re trying to erase junk giveaways and carbon footprints in the industry here.

To check out some of our top picks for sustainable products visit our online shop or contact us, and look out for our next post where we’ll discuss how to find the perfect sustainable products.

Do you think “going green” has reached its buzzword peak? Are you walkin’ the sustainable walk? We sure hope so. Let us know your thoughts.

Corporate Gifting: Tips You (Might) Totally Get | Trims Unlimited


Corporate Gifting: Tips You (Might) Totally Get | Trims Unlimited, Inc.

4 Tips on Giving the Perfect Gift (Courtesy of the Corporate Gifting World)

Maybe you’re new to the corporate gifting world, or maybe you’re a pro who hasn’t yet mastered tying the perfect bow. I’m a fresh face at Trims, and I’m being shepherded through the ways of the corporate gift giving world by the talented and experienced team of our Founder Susan Roth and Project Managers Bradlee and Katie.

Me? Shh … my wrapping skills are criminal. I’m more likely to get tangled in tape than to double stick tape my way to the perfectly coiffed present. What’s the difference between you and I? I suppose you may be a really thoughtful gift giver and an excellent wrapper, but I’ll err on the side of you’ve-been-really-really-frustrated-by-a-roll-of-wrapping-paper-before. The difference is that I have unlimited access to an arsenal of awesome gift giving tips and tricks, and today, you do too.

My brother’s birthday is this week, and I’ve been trying to employ my new knowledge of gifting to buy his present. For the beginners in the “Gift Rap” building today, here are a few corporate gifting tips as they relate to everyday gifting that you may relate to (or may at least laugh to):

  • Apply  the “Kiss” rule to all gifts—aka “keep it simple, stupid”

Remember ten years ago when someone placed a small present into a bigger box and then a bigger box and a bigger one until someone gave his or her best friend a box big enough to fit a 46” plasma TV containing only a gift card to Starbucks? I didn’t do it, but I’ve seen it done. For what it’s worth, it usually doesn’t blow anyone’s mind. Give a gift that speaks for itself.

  • Restrain yourself when ideas that are too cute, too seasonal or too personal come to mind. Try to select gifts that have staying power

This is especially true in the corporate world. I think the gifting-layman’s version of “too personal” and short living means giving a kitschy gift, like bacon-shaped band-aids for the guy who kind of likes bacon for breakfast. Think classic, not surface or temporary.

  • Think “top of mind.” You want your gift to remain as a reminder of your thoughtfulness for as long as possible (one reason why we skip gift cards)

Luckily for me, brother-sister relationships hinge less on thoughtful and more on lovingly harassing each other. Nevertheless, I won’t be getting my brother a gift card because anyone can get him a gift card. I’m not anyone.

  • Remember the power of the Tiffany blue box. Presentation can be as important as the gift itself

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wrapping paper will do the trick for my brother. For times when ‘80s-‘90s cartoons won’t quite work, here is a great how-to on tying the perfect bow:

 How to tie the perfect bow

At Trims, I’m learning  a lot about hunting for the right gift. Whether it’s finding the perfect something for top sellers at a big name company, dreaming up the best promotional products for an event or finding a gift for that one, very deserving person, Trims is doing it.

Stumped by a gifting dilemma? I can link you up with the Trims pros. Contact us (no obligations!)

The Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Socially Conscious Gift Idea From Trims


A Socially Conscious Gift Idea — SOCCKET

Image via SOCCKET Kickstarter page

Did you know that over 1.3 billion people worldwide are living without reliable access to electricity? This is according to Uncharted Play, the creators of SOCCKET, a soccer ball that harnesses energy from your kickin’ feet. Thank you, bipedalism!

The ball employs a “pendulum-like mechanism” that gathers kinetic energy and stores the power for use as a power source. Play soccer for 30 minutes and it’ll power 3 hours of LED light.

Since creating the prototype, Uncharted Play has brought SOCCKETs to families who don’t have reliable power and teachers who want to teach their students about energy, poverty and entrepreneurship.

TED Conferences called the SOCCKET “an invention with revolutionary potential for developing the world.” David Kappos, the former director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office, said, “This is exactly what America needs … I want a SOCCKET in every school across the country to show young people that invention is possible.”

We like to be there as revolutionary products break onto the scene so that we can continue to bring our clients new, thoughtful products. We’ll keep our eyes on Uncharted Play as the company grows.

For more crowd-funded finds, contact us!

5 New Add-ons for Your iPad | Cutting-Edge Corporate Gifts From Trims


Tech-inspired corporate gift ideas from Trims Unlimited

Looking for the perfect wares for your beloved iPad? We’ve found some tablet accessories that had their start with crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The people have spoken!

For the lounger: The Monkey Kit

Octa Monkey

Octa’s Monkey Kit employs its Money Tail to prop up your iPad in almost any way you can imagine. Like reading Buzzfeed while hanging from a tree? The Monkey Kit has you covered. It hit its Kickstarter funding goal four times over and is available to ship April 2013.

For the wordsmith: The Jot Touch

Corporate gift ideas: Jot Touch Stylus

The Jot Touch is the crème de la crème of the stylus world and the perfect corporate gift for the meeting-goer. The Jot Touch includes the precision disc of its classic predecessor and new features like pressure sensitivity and a sound dampening tip. The Touch also has palm rejection which lets you rest your hand on the screen without leaving an unwanted blob in your notes

For the audiophile: Zooka Bluetooth speakers

Corporate gift ideas: Zooka portable speakers

The Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar almost tripled its funding goal on Kickstarter when it was featured last year. The bar works for tablets, smart phones, laptops or media players and hits you with five times the sound of  built-in speakers.

For the typist: The Touchfire

Corporate Gift Ideas: The Touchfire Keyboard for iPad

The Touchfire goes over your iPad keyboard to “put the touch back into typing.” I think this would make typing on the iPad feel a lot less like playing QWERTY air guitar and a lot more like chipping away at a classic keyboard. I’ll let you decide which you prefer, but being an airband legend isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Believe me, my team tied for second place at our middle school airband competition and we didn’t see a penny.

For the sun worshipper: SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station

Corporate Gift Ideas: SunVolt  Portable Solar Power Station

The SunVolt Solar Station more than doubled its funding goal of $30,000 last year. With enough sun, the SunVolt can charge multiple devices just as quickly as plugging them into the wall would. It’s light and easy to set up. It’s great for the planet earth lover, survivalist and average resourceful Joe alike.

We love to introduce you to some of the newest and most innovative products out there. To learn more about our finds, contact us here.

New Eyes on Old Toys | Sentimental Promotional Products


5 Unique Promotional Products for Your Next Corporate Event

We’ve seen it with bell bottoms and we’ve seen it with crop tops. What’s old is suddenly new again, and people either cringe or throw on a pair of cut-offs. It’s almost inevitable with fashion, but luckily, we’re not here to talk about nylon track suits. Unless we were. But we aren’t.

Here are a few completely un-wearable, and therefore un-embarassing, old school trinkets we love — with a modern spin:

1. The modern mix tape:

Promotional products: Sharetape

It’s not the squealing cassette tape you remember, but it’s a perfectly acceptable homage. Sharetape allows you to buy tapes and record playlists from Spotify, YouTube, 8Tracks. To listen, friends can either tap with an Android device or scan the QR code to listen straight from their phone.

2. Throwback photo viewer:

Promotional Products: Classic Viewer

Recognize this? It’s hard for me to look at this without feeling pretty giddy. Custom reels make it even more personal.

3. Vintage rock posters reimagined:

Promotional Product: Book, Swissted

The Swissted book offers a modern twist on rock posters of yesteryear.

4. Bring your 35mm film to your iPhone:

Promotional Product: Photography, Lomography

Lomography recently took this film scanner to Kickstarter and got. business. done. It’s now available to Kickstarter backers and I can’t wait to get one. It’s the only foreseeable cure for my boxes and boxes of film, and to top it off, it looks cool.

5. eBook jacket

Promotional product: Vintage Book Sleeve

Out of Print offers eBook jackets for iPad, Kindle Fire, Kobo Glo and Nexus 7. These jackets are made by the oldest bookbindery in the U.S., so they’re meant to feel like the real thing. Options include The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Road, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and more.

Contact us for more information about these products.

Stay groovy!

Yea, the 3D Sketch pen is Happening | Corporate Gifts From Trims


3D Sketch Pen: Your future corporate gift?

Courtesy of WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler is an insane pen from the wild, right-now future that allows you to draw in the air — yep, in the air. Its creators have dubbed it “The World’s First 3D Printing Pen,” and … we believe it.

It uses plastic filament to create “wire-like artwork.” WobbleWorks has enlisted the creative minds of Etsy wire artists to show off its product. But would you know what to do with it? According to its creators Pete and Max, “If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air you can use a 3Doodler.”

If it hadn’t already made so much money, we’d wonder if it were really possible. It launched on Kickstarter on Feb. 19 and by day’s end it had already raised over $500,000, greatly surpassing its $30,000 funding goal. As of today, it’s swinging well over a million and funding doesn’t end until March 25. With more than a month to go, can we expect this rate of funding to continue? Like, to the tune of $10 million? That’s a lot of doodling.

Their goal is to make 3D capabilities more accessible, which is reflected in its current sticker price of $75-$99.

Arguably, the greatest part of this product is saying “3Doodler” out loud to a coworker and then trying to explain yourself. It could be an awesome product for people in design, or people who just want to render 3D artwork of themselves to hang around the office.

You can keep up with the Kickstarter page here, or feel free to contact us for more information.