Branded Trade Show & Conference Essentials

Branded Trade Show & Conference Essentials

 WOW Conference Attendees!

Hosting a conference takes a lot of planning, with branding often getting left until the last minute. Whether your company is hosting a conference or trade show, consistent branding gives the impression of a well-constructed and organized event (regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes). Having a cohesively branded event, offers companies a chance to massively amplify awareness. It goes beyond just a logo and tagline; it needs to convey professionalism, integrity and value to your stakeholders. This post is designed to provide ideas to future hosts on branded trade show / conference essentials that will help make your next conference one to remember.

Branded Apparel

Branded Trade show Apparel
Image Courtesy: Eric Lundbohm

Providing your employees and event volunteers with a branded uniform creates a professional environment during the event. Other businesses will be able to easily identify your staff. Trims Choice: Branded uniforms that are comfortable to wear:Nike Dri-Fit Classic Sport.

Name Badge & Lanyards

Dye-sublimated conference lanyards
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Name badges are a MUST for conferences. Badges and high quality lanyards are essential for easily connecting with others. . Trims Choice: Dye-Sublimated Lanyards with name badges are the perfect lanyard to showcase vibrant color logos and have space to include the conference’s hashtag for online engagement.

Swag Bag & Promotional Collateral

Custom Conference Messenger Bags

A functional, stylish conference bag or tote can make a strong first impression, and we believe it’s the first gift you should give an attendee. Set a goal that you want the bag to achieve. Simply giving people a place to stash items is a wasted opportunity. You can and should share your conference bag strategy with sponsors and trade show exhibitors. They have their own objectives, and they will appreciate anything that makes them look and feel like a part of the big picture. You can’t control what sponsors and exhibitors give away, but you can influence them. Trims Choice: Classic Rume Tote.


branded conference drinkware

If done right and is in keeping with your brand – logoed drinkware can be very impactful. Your company can increase your conference’s social media exposure with ordering branded cups with your event’s logo and hashtag. Trims Choice: Ordering the following drinkware essentials: branded water bottles, plastic cups, coffee cups, coffee sleeves, napkins & coasters.

Room Drops

custom branded kit for conferences
Image Courtesy: NamesCon

Make sure to take the experience beyond the event floor and provide room drop gifts for your guests. If your event attendees are new to the area, locally themed drops are a great way to connect the experience of attending the conference to the city or destination. Trims Choice: Hangover Kit – perfect following a after-party networking session!

Conference Speaker Gifts

speaker gifts for conferences

Guest speakers are an integral part of any conference or trade show.  Though speakers vary in caliber, expertise and popularity, it’s important to show your appreciation for their time with a thoughtful and unique gift, whether the gesture complements monetary compensation or is in lieu of it. Trims Choice: Branded Tumi Dopp Kit

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