Gift Ideas & Etiquette for Chinese New Year 2016

Gift Ideas & Etiquette for Chinese New Year 2016

Are you ready to do business in the Year of the Monkey? Whether your company is contemplating a business foray in Asia or is already well established, count on Trims Unlimited for expert advice on business etiquette and international protocol. The upcoming Chinese New Year holiday begins February 8, 2016. For gift ideas view our virtual catalog below.

The Culture of Gift Giving

China possesses an ancient culture steeped in Confucianism— based largely on respect, relationships, and rituals—the purpose of which is maintaining harmony within one’s family, network of friends, colleagues, and society at large. Gifts play a key role in this as they allow the Chinese people to not only demonstrate their respect to elders and superiors but also allow them to show their commitment and enthusiasm toward maintaining close relationships with family and friends.

Courtesy and Reciprocity

The Chinese have a saying, “courtesy demands reciprocity” or Lǐ Shàng Wǎng Lái (礼尚往来),  and it plays an important role within the context of giving gifts. The relationship between two Chinese people is made stronger by acts such as friendly gestures, giving gifts, offering favors, and enjoying meals together. However, unlike some Western countries where the act of gift giving is more free spirited or casual, in China to maintain an equal and harmonious relationship a tally must be kept.

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