With traditional marketing not being as effective as it used to be, companies are now embracing experiential marketing as a way to connect with their customers. According to Forbes, there are 80 million millennials in America alone with $200 billion in annual buying power. It’s no surprise that targeting millennials is becoming an essential marketing strategy for many companies.

Splash, a company that specializes in experiential marketing software, mined its data for trends among millennials who attend branded events.

“The brands winning over the millennial generation are delivering experiences, not just things,” said Ben Hindman, co-founder, CEO of Splash. “The savviest marketers understand the crucial link between events and brand loyalty—particularly when it comes to millennials. If you’re not creating experiences and memories, you’re not building anything.”

Below are three key highlights of their findings:

40% of millennials said if a company event’s page is ugly, they wouldn’t even go to the event

47% of the main reason for millennials to attend an event is for “free stuff or swag”

Top three favorite choices of swag:

92% of millennials said that they’d be open to receiving a personalized email offer, coupon or loyalty reward from the brand following an event

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Illustration Courtesy: Carlos Monteiro / AdWeek.