Over the past two years it has become significantly more difficult to serve International Customers from the US:

  • Freight costs have increased significantly
  • Import restrictions have become much tighter
  • Duties and taxes have increased and are being enforced much more systematically
  • International market preferences also differ markedly from those in the US. Fact: On average only 50% of the promotional items selected for a US audience are appealing to European customers.

As a result, International Customers ordering promotional items from the United States face high shipping costs and unforeseeable delays in customs and uncertain currency exchange rates.

The Trims Unlimited Solution

Trims has developed a stable of proven, high end specialty partners in Europe, Japan and China. These resources enable Trims to deliver gourmet food stuffs, local delicacies, flowers and wines and spirits from “in country” retailers and wholesalers. If your client wants a rare Irish whiskey delivered to a client in Beijing–we can do it. A bouquet of all white primroses to Kuala Lumpur–no problem. Preloaded IPods to Moscow– Da.

We look forward to assisting you in your global distribution requirements!